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El Alamein International Airport

Nestled along the Mediterranean, El Alamein International Airport serves as a vital component of Egypt's sustainable development vision.

Situated in New Alamein City, its strategic geographical location positions the airport as a major hub for global air, commercial, and logistical transport.

Multiple daily flights from Cairo with EgyptAir will ensure seamless transportation to and from El Alamein, enhancing accessibility for participants.



Why El Alamein?

  • Strategic Hub: El Alamein is more than an airport; it's a strategic hub facilitating easy access and connectivity.
  • Government Headquarters: As the future headquarters for the state's agencies, including presidential and cabinet offices, it embodies progress and significance. 
  • Future Growth: New Alamein City is a focal point for Egypt's growth, and will accommodate more than 3 million people by 2030.
  • Proximity to Key Cities: Easily accessible from Cairo and Alexandria for all attendees. 
  • EgyptAir Connectivity: Multiple daily flights from Cairo Airport with EgyptAir ensure seamless transportation to and from El Alamein International Airport, enhancing accessibility for participants. Find out more.
  • Shuttle Bus availability: There will be free shuttle buses to the venue from all the official hotels in El Alamein. 


Unwind in New Alamein City

  • Holiday Oasis: Beyond its strategic importance, New Alamein City offers an extraordinary blend of historical charm and modern amenities, making it an ideal destination for both business and leisure.
  • Mediterranean Magic: Enjoy the picturesque coastline and the allure of the Mediterranean, creating a captivating backdrop for your business meetings with 14km of a breathtaking turquoise shoreline.
  • Accommodation Variety: Choose from a variety of hotels and accommodation options, for all preferences and budgets. See hotel options here.
  • Military History: The El-Alamein Military Museum commemorates Egypt's pivotal role in the World War II Battle of El-Alamein, showcasing weapons, armors, models, and battle maps related to the conflict.
  • Culinary Delights: Indulge in delectable dining options, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Egypt.
  • Cultural Treasures: Uncover Egypt's cultural treasures as you explore the city's contemporary infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities.


Venue Layout

This video and these images offer a preview of how the exhibition halls, chalets and aircraft static display will look for Egypt International Airshow. Please note these are for illustrative purposes only.

Situated at El Alamein International Airport, this purpose-built venue will bring together key stakeholders from Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. 


Egypt International Airshow at El Alamein International Airport
Egypt International Airshow at El Alamein International Airport
Egypt International Airshow at El Alamein International Airport

Finding the Venue

El Alamein International Airport is just a 3-hour drive from Cairo and has multiple flights available to and from the venue. Free shuttle buses from official hotels in El Alamein to the venue will be provided. Our travel team is here to assist with all your transportation needs.


Official Carrier

EgyptAir, our Official Carrier, offers easy access to the Egypt International Airshow. El Alamein International Airport is strategically positioned, and with multiple daily flights, EgyptAir ensures a seamless journey for all participants.


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How far is El Alamein Airport from Cairo Airport?

El Alamein Airport is approximately 240 kilometers northwest of Cairo Airport.

There will be multiple daily flights from Cairo with EgyptAir to ensure seamless transportation to and from El Alamein International Airport for participants. Find out more.

The journey by road can take around 3 hours, depending on traffic conditions, making it a convenient option for travellers coming from or going to the capital.

What are the closest airports to El Alamein International Airport?

Apart from Cairo Airport, the closest airport is Alexandria’s Borg El Arab Airport, which is about 100 kilometers away. This proximity to multiple airports provides flexible travel options for visitors to Egypt International Airshow.

Why is Egypt International Airshow taking place at El Alamein International Airport?

New El-Alamein City is the first of its kind in the third generation of urban developments in Egypt, focusing on sustainability and integration of natural resources. With a total planned area spanning 50,000 acres, the city is set to accommodate over 3 million inhabitants upon the completion of its initial phase, setting a benchmark for modern living.

Moreover, this city is poised to become the new administrative and political hub of the nation. It will house the parliament, presidential palaces, and various government ministries. Additionally, foreign embassies will relocate here, centralising diplomatic activities in a modern, secure environment. This strategic move is expected to streamline governmental functions and foster international relations in a state-of-the-art setting.

The hosting of the Egypt International Airshow (EIAS) in New El-Alamein underscores the city’s strategic importance not only as a hub of urban and economic development but also as a key player on the international stage. This prestigious event attracts aviation enthusiasts, industry leaders, and aerospace companies from around the globe, providing an unparalleled opportunity for exhibitors to showcase the latest in aerospace technology and services. For visitors, it offers a unique glimpse into the future of aviation, set against the backdrop of New El-Alamein’s stunning Mediterranean vistas.

What will the venue look like at El Alamein International Airport?

We are constructing a purpose-built venue on the airport site with exhibition halls, a conference hall and chalets with direct access to the static display park, EIAS promises an unforgettable experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

You can see what the venue will look like at El Alamein Airport here.

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