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The MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) sector will be a significant focus at Egypt International Airshow (EIAS).

This year's event will highlight advancements in MRO, showcasing the latest technologies, strategies, and innovations aimed at enhancing aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul processes. Experts, innovators, and key industry figures will be on hand to share insights on the future of the MRO sector.

Whether you're an industry professional or a technology enthusiast, EIAS offers an excellent platform to discover the latest trends in MRO, connect with industry peers, and explore solutions that drive efficiency and performance.


At the forefront of aviation MRO

Egypt International Airshow is at the forefront of sustainable aviation, showcasing groundbreaking technologies and strategies set to revolutionise the industry. Dive into the heart of innovation, exploring key areas including:



Join us in the conference during Egypt International Airshow, scheduled for 3-5 September 2024. This premier event gathers industry experts, policymakers, and key players from around the globe.

With a focus on the maintenance, repair, and overhaul sector in the MENA region, the summit aims to explore innovative ideas, address industry challenges, and foster collaboration for a more efficient and sustainable aviation future.



What MRO topics will the conference cover at Egypt International Airshow?

The conference will cover a wide range of topics, including the future of the aviation industry, landing gear maintenance, heavy maintenance, and aviation sector trends.

Which types of aircraft will be discussed at the conference?

The conference will address various aircraft types, from commercial aircraft to private jets, with a focus on commercial aircraft maintenance and repair and overhaul services.

Who are the key speakers at the conference?

The conference will feature industry leaders from aviation companies, experts in aircraft MRO, and representatives from the aerospace industry, providing insights into the forecast period for the aviation market.

How does the MRO sector address aircraft safety and regulatory requirements?

Speakers will discuss the crucial role of the MRO sector in ensuring the safety of aircraft, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining the integrity of the civil aviation sector.

How does the MRO industry support aircraft operators and the airline supply chain?

The conference will highlight how the MRO industry serves as a crucial partner for airlines, supporting aircraft operators through services like component maintenance and aircraft maintenance repair overhaul.

What role does MRO play in aviation facilities and business requirements?

Discussions will focus on how MRO providers address the specific needs of aviation facilities, meet business requirements, and provide essential services for aviation maintenance repair overhaul.

How does the MRO sector handle in-house MRO facilities and component maintenance?

Attendees will learn about the benefits and challenges of in-house MRO facilities, and how skilled technicians manage component maintenance for different aircraft types.

What training services are offered for MRO professionals in the aviation industry?

The event will feature exhibitors and speakers who provide training services for MRO professionals, ensuring they have the skills needed for aircraft maintenance and repair.

How is the MRO sector adapting to the rapid growth of the aviation industry?

The conference will explore how the MRO sector is evolving to keep pace with the aviation industry's rapid growth, including new technologies and a range of products for aviation maintenance repair overhaul.

Which aircraft MRO companies will be at the expo?

The exhibition will feature a variety of aircraft MRO companies, showcasing their services and innovations in aircraft safety, MRO for aircraft, and aviation maintenance repair overhaul. The exhibitor list will be available soon.

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