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The dynamic 3-day programme will feature a world-class exhibition with space for VIP hospitality chalets and hospitality, showcasing cutting-edge products and services shaping the future of the aerospace industry.


At Egypt International Airshow 2024, attendees can expect to explore the latest innovations, across the defence, space and commercial aviation industries.

With exhibitors ranging from aircraft manufacturers to avionics and electronics suppliers, space industry suppliers, and research and development organizations, the event will showcase cutting-edge technologies and advancements in the field.

Additionally, attendees can connect with MRO companies, aerospace service providers, military equipment suppliers, and education and training providers, offering a well-rounded experience for professionals across the aviation industry. Don’t miss your chance to discover the future of aviation at Egypt International Airshow.



Below is a small selection of categories. To see the full list of product categories across defence, space and commercial aviation, click here.

  • Aircraft manufacturers: Companies that design, build and supply commercial, military, business and general aviation aircraft.
  • Engine manufacturers: Companies that design, build, and supply engines for various types of aircraft.
  • Avionics and electronics suppliers: Companies that design, build, and supply electronic systems and components for aircraft, such as navigation systems, communication equipment, and flight management systems.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of aerospace equipment and components: Exhibitors that design, build, and supply a wide range of aerospace equipment and components, including landing gear, brakes, fuel systems, and aircraft interiors.
  • MRO (Maintenance, repair and overhaul) companies
  • Aerospace service providers: Companies that provide various services to the aerospace industry, including leasing and financing services, insurance, and logistics services.
  • Military equipment suppliers: Companies that supply military equipment and technologies, such as radar systems, weapons systems, and communication equipment.
  • Space industry suppliers: Companies that manufacture components, satellites, launch vehicles, spacecraft operators and space research organisations.
  • Research and development organizations: Exhibitors that conduct research and development in the field of aviation, including aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, and materials science.
  • Education and training providers: Exhibitors that provide education and training for the aviation industry, including pilot training, air traffic control training, and aerospace engineering programs.



  • Brand Exposure: Showcase your cutting-edge products and services to a select audience of government and private sector stakeholders from the Middle East & Africa, including military, air force, and space agencies.

  • Networking: Engage with industry experts, manufacturers, and suppliers in the aerospace sector. EIAS's intimate scale fosters meaningful interactions and relationship building in the region.

  • Lead Generation: Generate business prospects through face-to-face meetings with potential customers and partners from government and private sectors. Identify new growth avenues not typical in larger events.

  • Publicity: Benefit from extensive media exposure with premier industry publications, websites, and social media platforms, boosting your brand visibility.

  • Market Intelligence: Stay updated on the latest aerospace trends and advancements. EIAS gathers influential stakeholders, providing strategic market insights for effective industry navigation.


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