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Sustainable Aviation will form a major part of Egypt International Airshow (EIAS).

EIAS aims to shine a spotlight on the latest developments in green aviation, including electric and hydrogen-powered planes, sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), and new ways to cut the aviation industry's carbon emissions.

At EIAS you can hear from top experts, innovators, and key players who will demonstrate the tech and policies that will define the future of eco-conscious flying.

Whether you're an industry professional, a tech fan, or just keen on helping the environment, Egypt International Airshow is the perfect place to see the newest in sustainable aviation, meet others who share your interests, and play a part in the move towards cleaner skies.


At the forefront of sustainable aviation

Egypt International Airshow is at the forefront of sustainable aviation, showcasing groundbreaking technologies and strategies set to revolutionise the industry. Dive into the heart of innovation, exploring key areas including:



Join us for the conference during Egypt International Airshow on 3-5 September 2024. This leading event brings together experts, policymakers, and industry players from across the globe.

Dedicated to the development and progress of aviation within the MENA region, the summit is set to discuss breakthrough ideas, tackle industry obstacles, and encourage collaboration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is sustainable aviation a focus at this year's airshow?

The aviation sector is increasingly prioritising sustainability to address its carbon footprint. This year's airshow focuses on showcasing eco-friendly innovations and discussing the industry's efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

What green aviation technologies will be featured?

Attendees will see a range of sustainable alternatives, including electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft, renewable aviation fuels, and other eco-friendly practices aimed at achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

How can the aviation industry contribute to sustainability?

The industry can advance sustainability through cleaner fuels, efficient aircraft designs, and operational practices that reduce the reliance on conventional jet fuel, aligning with the goal of a sustainable future for air travel.

Can I participate in discussions or panels on sustainable aviation?

Yes, there are opportunities to engage in discussions and panels. The event will cover topics like sustainable flight, carbon neutral air travel, and sustainable air transportation. Check the schedule for sessions led by expert speakers where you can contribute.

Are there specific exhibitors related to sustainable aviation?

Yes, many exhibitors, including aircraft manufacturers and electric aviation companies, focus on green solutions. The exhibitor list, which will include key stakeholders from across the aviation value chain, will be available online soon.

What is the future outlook for greener aviation?

The event will explore future trends, such as advancements in electric aviation, alternative fuels, and global cooperation, aimed at creating a sustainable future for commercial airlines and achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

What impact can the Middle East have on a greener aviation sector?

Given the region's importance in aviation, the Middle East plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable aerospace practices, including developing renewable fuels and supporting clean technologies.

How can sustainable initiatives impact traditional jet fuel consumption?

Sustainability in aviation focuses on reducing dependence on traditional jet fuels derived from fossil fuels by promoting renewable aviation fuel, alternative fuel options, and more efficient aircraft designs.

What can I learn about sustainability in aviation at the conference?

At the conference, you'll learn about initiatives for greener air travel, renewable aviation fuels, and the efforts of aviation stakeholders to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through innovative technologies and practices.

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