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08 May 2024

Egypt International Airshow to highlight Egypt’s full readiness to support the renaissance of the space sector in the Arab world

Egypt International Airshow to highlight Egypt’s full readiness to support the renaissance of the space sector in the Arab world

Egypt International Airshow to highlight Egypt’s full readiness to support the renaissance of the space sector in the Arab world

Arabian World Events are delighted to announce the launch of two consecutive events that cater to the needs of the space community, highlighting Egypt’s full readiness to support the renaissance of the space sector in Africa and the Middle East.

1-2 September: ‘New Space Horizons-Africa and the Middle East’ conference, Space City, Cairo, Egypt

3-5 September: Egypt International Airshow, El Alamein International Airport, Egypt

Egypt stands out as a vibrant player in the global space industry. Egypt's exciting future is anchored in their recently approved 10-year National Space Programme, focusing on boosting capabilities, advancing space missions, and upgrading industry facilities, all pointing towards substantial expansion.

The Egyptian Space Agency is an official partner of the Airshow. The government organisation is aiming at acquiring space technology and satellite launching capabilities towards the accomplishment of The National Sustainable Development Strategy "Egypt-SDS 2030" objectives.   The agency aims to promote the peaceful use of space, develop national space systems through human capital investment, leverage the space industry for a sustainable future, support research and development, drive innovations, and enhance space outreach. Additionally, it focuses on developing reliable, responsive, and economically viable solutions to serve national objectives.

Two days before the Airshow, as part of its official programme, The ‘New Space Horizons-Africa and the Middle East’ conference, will take place in the “Space City” of Cairo. Also headquarters to the African Space Agency, this venue is a central hub for regional space activities. The strategic conference will seek to tackle issues most pertinent to the African and Middle Eastern space community, with a special focus on collaboration with international partners. Two large conference areas for 500 and 300 persons will be used for the plenary sessions with key speakers and panel sessions taking place from heads of space agencies, senior industry executives, and high-ranking governmental officials. Key topics will include regional collaboration, space innovation, space technology, space applications, policy, governance and space commercialisation. This conference will be the first in its kind bridging the present and future use of space technology for the African continent and The Middle East.

Dr Sherif Sedky, the CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, says of the event:“Egypt International Airshow is a fantastic platform to showcase how Egypt is leading space technology in MENA. With two launched satellites, a space city, the operationalisation of the African Space Agency in the country, several bilateral agreements in advancements in space technology, and other satellite projects in various development stages, Egypt is growing its capacity in the global space economy.”

Thomas Gaunt, CEO of Arabian World Events, the organisers of Egypt International Airshow, added: “Egypt’s strategic importance as a growing regional space power, make it the ideal host for this pivotal international event. Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented surge in space activities across the African continent and neighbouring Middle Eastern countries, a trend that is expected to grow exponentially. The Egypt International Airshow will be a focal point for space activities across the MENA region.”

Exhibitors will have a unique opportunity to showcase their products and innovations at Egypt International Airshow and connect with a diverse audience from the space industry, including space agency delegations from across Africa and the Middle East.

Visitors to the Airshow will be able to learn more about Egypt’s latest projects in the rapidly evolving space landscape, such as its global monitoring station which will track satellites and space debris.  There will also be displays and information about Egypt’s latest space missions including the Nexsat-1 satellite which was launched in February 2024 for remote sensing. This significant achievement marks a crucial milestone in Egypt’s national space programme dedicated to advancing satellite technology.

Egypt International Airshow 2024 is the only airshow focused on defence, space and commercial aviation on the continent. It is anticipated that over 200 local, regional, and international companies will attend. The show will feature aircraft displayscutting-edge conferences, and an exhibition of innovative aerospace products and services.




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