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Timothy Adi Ashong

Timothy Adi Ashong

Director General, The Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM)

Timothy Adi Ashong serves as the Acting Director General of RASCOM, bringing over twenty years of experience in networking, spectrum management, and satellite regulations. With an MSc in Communications Management from New Buckinghamshire University, UK, and a BEng in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering from All Nations University, Ghana, his contributions have significantly advanced Africa's telecom landscape. Timothy's global recognition includes participation in WRC-23 in Dubai and vice-chair roles in ITU-R Study Group 4 during WRC-15 and WRC-19. His leadership extends to ECOWAS and African satellite spectrum regulatory groups, where he has been instrumental in shaping telecom regulations and spectrum management globally. A strategic thinker, Timothy's work reflects his innovative approach to the telecommunications challenges facing Africa. Notably, he has successfully developed the RASCOM strategic plan, aiming to position RASCOM prominently within the continent and internationally, reflecting his strategic and innovative approach to telecommunications challenges in Africa.

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