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Joseph Bremang Tandoh

Joseph Bremang Tandoh

Director, Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute

Dr. Joseph B. Tandoh is a highly dedicated professional, currently the Director of the Ghana Space Science and Technology Institute (GSSTI). With a robust academic background, including a PhD in Physics Methods in Environmental Science from the Second University of Naples, Italy, and an M.Phil. in Applied Nuclear Physics from the University of Ghana, Dr. Tandoh brings over 15 years of research expertise. He has authored several papers across various scientific fields, demonstrating a wide range of competencies in Environmental Science, Nuclear Physics, Climate Change, and Radiological Science. His leadership skills are evident from his previous roles, including Deputy Director of GSSTI and Head of the Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications at the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, University of Ghana. Dr. Tandoh is committed to advancing scientific knowledge and finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges and Space Science and Technology fields. Dr. Tandoh is actively involved in academia, teaching at the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Science and supervising several Master's and Ph.D. students.

As a Director and Ghana's Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Principal, Dr. Joseph B. Tandoh is propelled by a compelling vision: to integrate space science and technology into the fabric of Ghanaian society and make it a fundamental component of national policy decisions. This vision is a passion and a steadfast commitment driving his work at GSSTI.


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