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26 May 2024

Egyptian Space Agency Strengthens BRICS Space Cooperation at Moscow Conference

Egyptian Space Agency Strengthens BRICS Space Cooperation at Moscow Conference
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Dr. Sherif Sedky, CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, participated in the BRICS Space Agencies Conference, held in Moscow on May 23 and 24, 2024.

The conference was inaugurated by Borisov, Head of the Russian Space Agency, who began with a condolence message for the death of the Iranian president and called for a minute of silence. Borisov emphasized the importance of BRICS cooperation in space programs to address challenges, natural disasters, and support sustainable development.

Dr. Sherif Sedky held several bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the conference to enhance space cooperation:

**Egypt and Russia**: Meetings between the Egyptian and Russian space agencies resulted in an agreement to enhance cooperation in the transfer and localization of space technology.

**Egypt and Brazil**: The discussions focused on common interests, leading to the formation of a working group to explore cooperation in satellite manufacturing technology, satellite imagery analysis, and other applications. This is a prelude to signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries.

**Egypt and South Africa**: The Egyptian Space Agency and its South African counterpart agreed to activate the cooperation agreement between the two countries in space technology. This will involve a joint project aimed at enhancing technical capabilities and exchanging expertise.

Alexander Bloshenko gave a presentation on Russian space experiments, highlighting the preparations for launching a new Russian space station with a scientific research unit for BRICS countries. He stressed the importance of collaboration and the development of the "Milky Way" system to monitor space objects.

The conference concluded with several recommendations to strengthen cooperation among BRICS countries in various space fields, including remote sensing, satellite manufacturing, training, and scientific expertise exchange. The members agreed to sign new Memorandums of Understanding and form working groups to study proposals from the different member states.

The conference ended by reaffirming the commitment of BRICS countries to enhancing space cooperation to achieve common goals and support sustainable development in the fields of space science and technology.


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