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19 Nov 2023

Egypt assigned with presidency of Arab Space Cooperation Group

Egypt assigned with presidency of Arab Space Cooperation Group
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CAIRO - 19 November 2023: The Arab Space Cooperation Group (ASCG) unanimously agreed on Sunday that Egypt presides over the organization after nine years of UAE’s chairmanship.

The CEO of the Egyptian Space Agency, Dr. Sherif Sedqi, reviewed the latest achievements of the agency in the ninth meeting of the ASCG, which began on Nov. 14. 

The first phase of the Space City has been completed, Egypt has been assigned to host the headquarters for the African Space Agency, as well as the completion of the Assembly, Integration and Test Center, which is the largest in Africa.

Further, MisrSat 2 satellite will be launched on Dec. 3, 2023, and  NexSat experimental satellite and will be launches on Dec. 25, 2023.

Sediqi expressed Egypt’s full readiness to support the renaissance of the space sector in the Arab world by making available the capabilities at the Egyptian Space Agency to host the member states of the group. It was also agreed to hold the next conference of the group in September 2024 at the headquarters of the Egyptian Space Agency.


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