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07 Jun 2024

Q&A: An interview with Shield AI - Advancing Aerospace and Defence Technology at EIAS 2024

Q&A: An interview with Shield AI - Advancing Aerospace and Defence Technology at EIAS 2024
We had the opportunity to speak with VADM (Ret) Bob Harward, Executive Vice President of International Business and Strategy, about Shield AI's participation in EIAS and their expectations for the event.

Shield AI, an American aerospace and defence technology company based in San Diego, California, is set to make a significant impact at the inaugural Egypt International Airshow (EIAS) 2024. Known for developing AI-powered fighter pilots, drones, and advanced technology for defence operations, Shield AI is excited to showcase their innovations at this prestigious event.

Shield AI

Why did Shield AI choose to exhibit at the inaugural EIAS?

"Shield AI chose to exhibit at the Egypt International Airshow to showcase our UAV, the V-BAT, and its capabilities to the Egyptian, Middle Eastern, and African markets," said VADM Bob Harward. "We are also excited to unveil our latest advancements in our AI software stack, Hivemind, and demonstrate our milestone in teaming operations."

What opportunities do you see in the Egyptian/African/Middle Eastern aerospace market?

"Shield AI aims to engage with Egyptian end-users and beyond to identify opportunities where there is a need for the most versatile UAS," Bob explained. "Our V-BAT offers unmatched safety, proven performance, rapid deployment, and scalable production, making it an ideal solution for the region."

How do you believe participating in EIAS will help Shield AI expand its presence and network within Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East?

"Participating in the inaugural Egypt International Airshow is a fantastic opportunity for Shield AI to network with partner nations and showcase the successes of the V-BAT in both maritime and land-based domains," Bob stated. "We look forward to engaging with VIP delegations and discussing how Shield AI can address their strategic challenges."

What are you most excited about for the launch of EIAS in Egypt?

"Shield AI is eager to meet other industry leaders and collaborate on providing modern solutions in the UAS and AI markets," said Bob. "We are excited to be part of this groundbreaking event and to contribute to the advancement of the aerospace industry."

What advice would you give to other international companies considering exhibiting at EIAS?

"Exhibitions like the Egypt International Airshow offer a unique opportunity to engage with global delegations, meet industry leaders, and discover the latest advancements in aerospace technology, both military and commercial," Bob advised. "We are thrilled to be part of this inaugural event and look forward to the opportunities it will bring."

Join Shield AI at EIAS 2024

Shield AI's presence at EIAS 2024 underscores the importance of this event for companies looking to expand their reach in the aerospace and defence sectors. Egypt International Airshow provides a unique platform to engage with key stakeholders, explore procurement plans, and showcase innovative products to the entire aerospace ecosystem from Africa and the Middle East.



About VADM (Ret) Bob Harward, Executive Vice President of International Business and Strategy

VADM (Ret) Bob Harward is Shield AI’s Executive Vice President for International Business and Strategy. Prior to joining Shield AI, Bob served as the Chief Executive for Lockheed Martin Middle East and was recognised by Forbes as one of the fifty (# 10) most influential CEOs in the Middle East.

Bob has lived in Abu Dhabi for nine years. A National Security Expert in both theory and application, he served on the National Security Council for the Bush administration, commissioned the National Counter Terrorism Center, and has extensive combat experience as a U.S. Navy SEAL in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Bosnia, as well as the rest of the Middle East. Bob is a U.S. Naval Academy alum; holds a master’s degree in International Security Affairs from the Naval War College and a graduate of MIT’s Foreign Policy Program.

As a Vice Admiral (SEAL) in the United States Navy, his last assignment was as Deputy Commander, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM). He was also requested by President Trump to serve as his National Security Advisor.

Bob is a professional parachutist and has performed all over the world to include setting the world record by jumping on to Mount Everest. He enjoys all forms of physical and intellectual competition to include Racquetball, Squash, Triathlons, Chess, Poker, and Physical training.

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