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14 Jun 2024

Q&A: An interview with ElectroAir - Pioneering Aviation Power Solutions at EIAS 2024

Q&A: An interview with ElectroAir - Pioneering Aviation Power Solutions at EIAS 2024
We had the opportunity to speak with Aljona Gorlova, Advertising Manager, about ElectroAir's participation in EIAS and their expectations for the event.

ElectroAir, a leading provider of ground electric power supply systems for aviation, is preparing to make a significant impact at the inaugural Egypt International Airshow (EIAS) 2024. Known for delivering comprehensive solutions that minimise the cost of ownership and resource consumption for all types of aircraft and helicopters, ElectroAir is excited to showcase its innovations at this premier event. We spoke with Aljona Gorlova, Advertising Manager at ElectroAir, about their participation at EIAS and what they hope to achieve.


Why did ElectroAir choose to exhibit at the inaugural EIAS?

"We want to participate in EIAS because MENA region is very important to us," said Aljona Gorlova. "We would like to contribute to the development of this region's infrastructure related to aviation and E-mobility through providing the equipment, solutions, and technologies developed by ElectroAir."

What opportunities do you see in the Egyptian/African/Middle Eastern aerospace market?

"We see opportunities in cooperation with B2B and B2G relating to civil and military aviation (GPU’s, ACUs, PIT systems, etc.) and E-Mobility (industrial grade EV charging stations)," Gorlova explained.

How do you believe participating in EIAS will help ElectroAir expand its presence and network within Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East?

"We are confident that we will meet new and existing customers and have numerous opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation that will expand our presence and network within Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East. We already have accomplished a number of significant projects here together with our reputable customers, so we are well-prepared for new upcoming developments," said Gorlova.

What are you most excited about for the launch of EIAS in Egypt?

"We are excited to expand our network, show our products, projects, solutions, and new technologies," Gorlova stated. "We look forward to investigating new practices and regulations as well as understanding the market needs. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience through participation in MENA region development."

"Egypt International Airshow offers a valuable step to expand your network and implement best industry practices and innovations," advised Gorlova.

Join ElectroAir at EIAS 2024

ElectroAir's participation in EIAS 2024 highlights the importance of this event for companies looking to expand their reach in the aerospace and aviation sectors. Egypt International Airshow provides a unique platform to engage with key stakeholders, explore procurement plans, and showcase innovative products to the entire aerospace ecosystem from Africa and the Middle East.




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