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21 Nov 2023

Egypt International Airshow will highlight Egypt’s strategic importance for the global defence industry

Egypt International Airshow will highlight Egypt’s strategic importance for the global defence industry

Taking place on 2-5 September 2024, at the new El Alamein International Airport, Egypt International Airshow will showcase Egypt’s unique position as a leader in defence aviation across the MENA region.

In this regard, Egypt continues to rank among the top 15 military powers in the world, with the largest Air Force in the Middle East and North Africa, and a commitment to the modernisation of its combined aerospace forces across all domains.

With over 200 local, regional, and international companies expected to attend, Egypt International Airshow will offer a unique platform for defence industry professionals, military and government officials to foster meaningful connections, exchange ideas, and discover new possibilities in the rapidly evolving defence aerospace landscape, across Egypt, the Middle East and Africa.

The Airshow is officially supported by a number of strategic defence partners including The Egyptian Ministry of Defence and Egypt Air Force. In addition, the event includes the Ministry of Civil Aviation, the Egyptian Space Agency and EgyptAir as strategic partners.

At a recent press conference, Air Marshal Mahmoud Fouad Abdel-Gawad, Commander of the Egyptian Air Force, stated that the exhibition aims to open new horizons of cooperation between Egypt and other nations worldwide across multiple domains.  He highlighted that the exhibition serves as a great opportunity to discover new avenues for addressing the challenges within the defence industry. The Commander expressed optimism that the inaugural edition of Egypt International Airshow will showcase the essence of Egypt's uniqueness, the authenticity of its people, and the exceptional dedication of its valiant armed forces.

Thomas Gaunt, CEO of Arabian World Events, the organisers of Egypt International Airshow, highlights: “Egypt’s strategic importance in MENA enhance its role in global geopolitics and its position as an important regional military power, making it the ideal host for this pivotal international event.”

With this in mind, Egypt International Airshow 2024 will draw directly on the needs of end users, with the exhibition covering a broad range of technology and taking a joint approach to deliberate aerospace requirements of the Air Force, Air Defence, Army, Navy and Space Forces across all domains.

Sitting alongside the main exhibition, The Air Power Conference at Egypt International Airshow 2024 will bring together military aerospace operators, research and development and industry leaders, to deliberate the current threats faced, operational requirements, emerging capabilities, and approaches to integration.

Overall, Egypt International Airshow 2024 represents a unique opportunity to communicate the specific needs of defence aerospace stakeholders across the MENA region. For those looking to work closer with the Egyptian combined aerospace forces and its international counterparts across Africa and the Middle East, this event is not to be missed.

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