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"I look forward to forging lasting connections and mutual learnings"

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Professor Dr Sherif Sedky

Dear Esteemed Guests and Partners,

It is my distinct honour to extend a warm welcome to each one of you attending the Egypt International Airshow 2024. This event symbolizes a pivotal stride in Egypt's ambitious march towards a more profound engagement with space and its infinite possibilities.

Our devotion to the peaceful application of space is unwavering. Through intensive investment in human capital, strategic development of our space industry, and bolstered research to drive cutting-edge innovation, we are meticulously laying down the foundations of a space infrastructure that is poised to serve Egypt's national aspirations, cater to the unique demands of the African continent, and make a consequential mark on the global stage.


Egypt International Airshow 2024 stands as a testament to our dedication and vision. Not only does it present an unparalleled platform for fostering ties with Egypt's evolving space sector, but it also provides a gateway to deeper engagements with our esteemed counterparts across Africa and the Middle East. Our robust support for this event mirrors our resolution to push the boundaries of space exploration, championed by investments in ground-breaking technologies and by cultivating transformative international alliances.

Space, in its vastness and complexity, will be spotlighted prominently throughout the event. Enthusiasts and professionals will be treated to dedicated exhibition zones, interactions with foremost satellite and space solution frontrunners, and an enlightening space conference shedding light on the sector's recent innovative leaps.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to immerse yourself in the plethora of opportunities the Egypt International Airshow 2024 has to offer. Your invaluable presence and dynamic participation are instrumental in steering Egypt's space endeavours into a future rich with promise and accomplishment.

With eager anticipation, I look forward to forging lasting connections and mutual learnings with aerospace and space enthusiasts from all corners of our globe at this seminal gathering.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Dr Sherif Sedky

Professor Dr Sherif Sedky
Chief Executive Officer
Egyptian Space Agency

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